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Las Vegas Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

What kind of questions should I ask a lawyer before I hire him or her to represent me in a domestic violence case?

For many people who have been charged with domestic violence, the decision on which lawyer to hire is one of the most important ones he or she will ever make. I've compiled a list of must ask questions for you:

Do you practice exclusively in criminal law, or are you a lawyer who practices in personal injury, family law, bankruptcy etc….? 
It's important that your lawyer practice exclusively in the area of criminal law. You don't want a lawyer who primarily does traffic ticket defense. You don't want a lawyer who is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. If you had a detached retina in your eye, you wouldn't go to family doctor. You'd go to an eye surgeon. If you are charged with domestic violence, you should go to a criminal defense lawyer who limits his practice only to criminal defense of the accused. My practice is exclusively 100% criminal defense.

How many people have you represented in domestic violence cases?
You don't want a lawyer who is right out of law school or has little experience in representing people accused of violating the law. I've been a criminal prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer for over a decade. Since 1999 when I left the prosecutor's office, I've represented over 600 people in criminal charges.

What is your plan to defend me in my domestic violence charge?
Your lawyer should take the time and explain point by point to you in detail that you can understand exactly how he or she will represent you. Don't let the lawyer talk in generalities. Make sure the lawyer you hire answers all your questions and that he or she has a plan of attack on getting you what you want. When potential clients come in to my office, I show them step by step how I will represent him or her and fight to give the client what he or she wants.

What kind of results have you obtained for your clients in domestic violence cases? 
Your lawyer should be able to give you specific examples of domestic violence charges he or she has successfully represented that have resulted in dismissals or negotiated dismissal (i.e., dismiss with a fine, classes, and no new arrests. If the lawyer you consult with can't do that, then you need to find someone else to represent you. I can point to the overwhelming number of domestic violence cases where I've gotten my clients' cases dismissed with negotiations or dismissed without my clients having to take any classes or do anything.